Grey Ghost/Ford V8

The 1937 Ford V8 sedan was bought by the Pacific Great Eastern Railway as a track inspection car.

It was chosen as its wheels were a precise distance apart for the tires to sit atop the rails. Flanges were mounted behind the wheels so the car could run on the track using it’s original tires and wheels. The tires were 60 ply with an inner tue and a solid rubber innter tire so that they were a flat on the rim, and not come down on the rails. This system was unique as most railways converted cars to run on rails but removed the wheels. It also originally had a bell mounted on the fender.

This car was in service until 1962 by the late Ed Aldridge, until it was sold for $50 in 1968 to Ken Kilby of Brackendale BC who drove it around Squamish for many years. He eventually donated it to the Cloverdale Transport Museum.

The “Grey Ghost” was handed down to the West Coast Railway Association upon closure of the Cloverdale Transportation Museum in 1992.

It was nicknamed the “Grey Ghost” not only from it’s color but also because it was so quiet, with it’s rubber tires running on the tracks. Rumour has it the track inspector could sneak up behind work crews without being noticed to see if they were doing their work.


grey ghostgrey ghost


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